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Bois-Franc: A tale of two developers

Once upon a time in a kingdom not so far away, two developers — Sotramont and Montclair — formed a partnership to purchase land owned by Bombardier and develop the last section of an innovative transit-oriented neighbourhood (TOD) in St-Laurent, that was originally started in 1992 with a total of five developers.

“Sotramont developed the project’s first square, Square Gauguin, in 1993, and its first condo, Havre de la Brunante, in 1994, so we’ve been around from the beginning,” said Marc-André-Roy, an associate partner at Sotramont.

The project has evolved over the last 27 years, with the neighbourhood becoming a popular choice for its green space and easy commute downtown.

“With the new REM station — the only REM station to bear the name of a neighbourhood — residents of Bois-Franc will be directly connected to downtown Montreal and the airport in a matter of minutes. They will be able to enjoy the oasis of quality of life and services that the neighbourhood offers, with increased connectivity at their doorstep.”

“Bois-Franc originally planned for 31 per cent of the land that was constructible to be given to the borough, so it could make parks and lakes throughout the project,” he said. “Now, the beauty of Bois-Franc is all the parks and lakes that we have. On any given weekend, if you’re walking around in the summer, you’ll see families with strollers and kids playing because it’s an ideal setting for young families.”

The variety of shops and services that are an integral part of Bois-Franc’s development plan, as well as the abundance of green space, make it an extremely livable neighbourhood.

“It’s all about location, location, location,” Roy said. “Where in Montreal can you find a neighbourhood with such architectural quality, green spaces and variety of living spaces? Bois-Franc even has its own owners association that organizes neighbourhood activities and oversees the ongoing quality of the project.”

With between five and 10 years left for development at Bois-Franc, it’s safe to say both developers assure that this is the time to find your home.

Ursula Leonowicz | 28 March 2020 | Original Source

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