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Bois-Franc in Montreal: A Choice Still So Solid

For 27 years, the Bois-Franc district has offered an exceptional living environment in the center of the island of Montreal. Even after all this time, thanks to its overall vision and thoughtful layout, the place is still highly sought after by Montrealers. Here’s why.


Living in Bois-Franc since 1993, Marc-André Roy, partner of the real estate builder Sotramont, is its very first resident; so he saw the place evolve. “From the start, the idea has been based on new town planning and on a comprehensive plan: that of living in a neighborhood – and not just a home – with parks and public spaces,” he explains. . And since the architecture of buildings is controlled, they do not go out of style despite changing trends. “Clay brick buildings age well,” he says. They blend harmoniously with the new buildings and their modern lines. ”


The manufacturers Sotramont and Groupe Montclair agree on one fact: the imminent arrival of the Metropolitan Express Network (REM) will change everything. “This is the largest infrastructure project in Montreal since the metro,” said Nicolas Galardo, sales director at Groupe Montclair.

“The REM will provide access to downtown, Montreal-Trudeau Airport and a host of destinations in just a few minutes,” adds Mr. Roy. We can do without a car like in the city center, but being surrounded by nature, in a peaceful area. ”

Until then, motorists in the area still enjoy quick access to highways 13, 15 and 40, and the availability of public transport continues to expand. “Bus line 70 specifically serves the neighborhood, and we’re starting to talk again about adding a metro station that would relieve congestion on the orange line,” said Mr. Galardo.


Located right in front of the future REM station, the Curtiss condominiums will offer immediate access to this new mode of transportation. The layout of the seven buildings totaling 600 units will ensure maximum sunlight and provide pleasant views. Half of the site is reserved for green spaces, and the whole is located only a few minutes walk from the immense Bois-Franc park, with its water pools, children’s games and sports facilities. . The complex brings together a set of services, such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a gym and a reception hall. On the roof, in addition to a terrace, there are community gardens where fresh herbs and vegetables can be grown.


In order to create a harmonious living environment, the two builders set aside 31% of the territory of Bois-Franc to develop green spaces, parks and water bodies. Almost everywhere, there are places and squares to meet with neighbors and promote neighborhood life. “All the main streets converge on the Grand-Place, a bustling place with local shops and services,” said Mr. Roy.

To keep fit, residents can go from one park to another by taking the multiple pedestrian and bike paths that easily lead to the facilities of the magnificent Bois-Franc park from anywhere. “It’s nice to walk from park to park and meet your neighbors,” says Galardo. You feel safe, at peace. On a gray day, condo owners can choose to go to the gym or the training room in their building.


The district is reaching maturity and land suitable for construction is scarce. “With interest rates so low, now is the time to buy a new home you like,” remarks Mr. Roy of Sotramont. For those wishing to settle in the very last Square de Bois-Franc, there are only a dozen Square Norseman townhouses left for sale.

“It is well known that a house in Bois-Franc is a safe bet,” says Mr. Galardo.

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