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Woodrise Bordeaux 2017

Due to the growing number of environmental concerns from governments around the world and the potential offered by the optimization of the wood resource, three key players in international wood construction, FCBA in France, FPInnovations in Canada and Building Research Institute in Japan , in collaboration with ADIVbois, have decided to organize the first world congress on high-rise and residential wooden buildings.

Sotramont was honored as a guest speaker because of their exhaustive work towards the development of residential buildings fabricated with 100% CLT (Cross-laminated wood) structures.

For 3 or 4 years, developers, architects, engineers and builders from different countries have been engaged in the design and construction of buildings from 6 to 20 floors. They have shown that the benefits of using wood extend beyond architectural achievement; wood can be adapted to various projects efficiently and sustainably to improve mechanical and acoustic properties and fire resistance.


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